LogoUp’s Commitment to Small Business

It has long been an honor for LogoUp to support the YMCA’s mission. Upon receiving wonderful feedback from Patrick Connelly of the Valley Short YMCA in Westbook, CT we felt we had to share.

Mr. Connelly wrote to us:

“Hey Guys,

I just received my order of polos and of course they look great! But that’s not why I’m writing.

Inside the box was a Fall/Winter 2017 Catalog…and I don’t know who came up with the idea and the design, but it’s brilliant!

I loved the personal story and seeing pictures of real people.

As a small YMCA, we appreciate the importance of community, family and life-work balance. It is wonderful to see another company that shares these values.

In addition, our small YMCA has a small budget…and LogoUp makes it possible for us to look as professional as our large association colleagues without spending a fortune…and we really appreciate that.

Keep up the great work…because small places like us are counting on you!

Best wishes,

PS – I’ve recommended LogoUp a bunch of times. In fact, my friend from Camp Mataucha in Waterbury, CT just got her outerwear and couldn’t stop raving about how great it looked at such a reasonable price. So that made me look pretty smart, too. Which I appreciate. “

Patrick Connelly

Senior Director of Program Advancement

Valley Short YMCA


Patrick, we greatly appreciate your feedback and nothing makes us happier than a customer who is not only satisfied, but is pleased enough with our work to recommend us to others!

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Creating a Strong Company Brand With Embroidered Polo Shirts

In the last decade, it has become popular for employers to reduce dress code standards to casual wear. In fact, this is often touted as a perk of employment. But, while employees enjoy the freedom of wearing their favorite band T-shirts, flip flops and jeans to work, this doesn’t convey a professional image to the rest of the world. A solution that works well with the growing crowd of younger employees is the use of embroidered polo shirts.

You can have your logo and tagline embroidered on shirts that match your corporate brand. They are comfortable for employees to wear and easy to replace as needed. The polos come in a wide variety of sizes and unisex styles, from casual to dressy. Best of all, these shirts present a uniform look that promotes your company’s brand.

How Embroidered Polos Increase Corporate Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is becoming increasingly important as companies try to stand out from the competition. According to ThriveHive, a brand reputation impacts everything your business does, as well as how it grows. Brand reputation is both external and internal. The external aspects are what most people consider to be critical, such as the company website, blog, social media networks and promotional efforts. But, from the internal perspective, the image portrayed by employees as they interact with each other and clients has an even greater impact.

Logoup.com, an award-winning company that specializes in branded corporate wear, has first hand knowledge of the way embroidered polos impact customers and employees alike. Brian Roberts, the Co-Founder of Logoup.com, says, “Many customers tell us their entire staff love the ease of knowing what to wear to work daily. They also experience the sense of being part of a real team”.

Corporate-Imprinted Polos Promote Employee Productivity

From a psychological aspect, embroidered polos are an effective way to bring teams together because they signify uniformity and attention to corporate standards. No one is above another employee – everyone looks the same and is treated with respect. And no one is judged on how they dress by peers. Wearing a branded shirt with a collar also puts employees into a work state of mind, which enables them to remain focused on company goals.

A recent debate over dress codes on the Society for Human Resource Management blog mentions research that was conducted by a team at California State University-Northridge and Columbia University. It was discovered that the wearing of more formal business attire enhances the cognitive ability of employees. Brand awareness is important to the way employees experience their work life and how well they perform.

Employees Benefit From a More Uniform Look

Another advantage of giving employees corporate-branded polos is that they don’t have to think about what they will wear to work each day. This removes much of the stress and worry over personal appearance. It also eliminates the office “fashion show” that can become a nuisance in some companies. All employees are dressed appropriately and ready for work in minutes, which can even reduce employee tardiness.

Taking It One Step Further

As already stressed, the brand outreach that embroidered polos can create matters a lot. Employees who work in public-facing roles feel confident when wearing branded shirts. In addition to the polos, corporate-imprinted hats and jackets can complete a streamlined look. These items also make nice gifts to hand out to sales prospects and customers. The costs of providing corporate-branded items may be reduced by ordering in bulk and maintaining a stock of the most popular sizes and styles.

To recap the benefits of embroidered polos (and other branded apparel):

  • They promote the company culture
  • They bring people and teams together, which increases productivity
  • They make it easy for employees to prepare for work and get into the corporate mindset
  • They look uniform and clean, which helps to create a professional image
  • They help employees to feel included and focus on work instead of fashion
  • They come in many colors, styles and sizes to suit all workers

As you evaluate your current workplace dress code, consider the above factors and explore how you can use embroidered polos, caps, jackets and other imprinted merchandise to promote your unique brand.

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Continued Support Of The YMCA

YMCA recently held its 18th Annual Charity Golf Classic of South Palm Beach County and it’s proceeds were a huge help in supporting the “Y’s” mission as well as it’s financial assistance programs. LogoUp’s 10th year donating to the Gold Classic has continuously helped to make this event a success.

The donation LogoUp made will provide financial support to memberships, summer camps, preschools and youth programs which benefit over 2,400 individuals within the community. After donating both money and our best selling moisture wicking 100% polyester Izod Polo Shirts, LogoUp is proud to help in any way they can.

It has been an honor to announce it’s most recent contribution to YMCA’s 18th Annual Charity Golf Classic of South Palm Beach County. In response, their business manager writes to LogoUp co-founder Brian Roberts:

Thank you for your continued generous support of the YMCA’s Annual Golf Charity Classic! As one of our major fundraisers, this event benefits more than 2,400 individuals in our community.

Thanks Again,

Jennifer M. Quinn

Business Manager

YMCA Of Boynton Beach”

LogoUp is pleased to support companies such as YMCA, which serve crucial roles in our communities, and they look forward to doing it again in the future.

Do you have an event coming up that your company could use logo apparel for? Let us know, and maybe we can be of assistance to your organization.


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LogoUp Continues Its Legacy of Giving Back

Family owned and operated custom apparel and embroidery company LogoUp is proud to announce its continuing support and involvement in charities, which support crucial roles in our communities.

LogoUp has donated countless quantities of clothing and thousands in monetary donations to charities- both local and abroad. These vital resources have helped to provide those most at-risk with food, shelter and clothing in Africa, the Caribbean and throughout the United States.

LogoUp is proud of the organizations they donate to which help those who are unable to help themselves, and is honored to announce its most recent contribution to Community Living Centers, Inc. in Farmington, Michigan. In response, their executive director writes to LogoUp co-founder Brian Roberts:

“Dear Brian,

On behalf of our residents, staff and Board of Directors I would like to thank you so much for your generous sponsorship and support of our CLC Celebrity Chefs dinner. This year was our 40th anniversary and it was a huge success with a sold-out crowd and phenomenal chefs.

It is through partners like you that we are able to fulfill our mission and continue to grow. We hope that you and your guests enjoyed the evening as much as we did and look forward to our continued collaboration and friendship.

Warmest regards,

Lisa A. Murrell

Executive Director

Community Living Centers, Inc.”


Community Living Center’s mission is to care for the developmentally disabled by providing safe and comfortable homes that promote mental, physical and spiritual wellness. Through various programs, they currently care for approximately 125 developmentally disabled adults.

In the past, LogoUp has supported the CLC through various monetary and clothing donations which are used to provide enriching events and community outreach by the CLC.

LogoUp believes that simple acts of generosity can have a long lasting and impactful positive effects on communities and is proud to continue their support of the CLC.

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Customer Spotlight: Doug Belote – Harborton History Museum

The Harborton History Museum opened its doors in June of 2016 with one local man’s goal – to preserve Harborton, Virginia’s past for future generations.fffffsadfsdfasdfa

Founder Doug Belote’s vision has been years in the making, starting in 2011 when he decided to display his collection of artifacts at Harborton’s annual yard sale. Upon discovering many were interested in his findings, Belote noticed an opportunity to give back to his hometown and educate people on Harborton’s history by starting a gallery to house his historical archives.   

Located in the town’s former U.S. Postal Service Office, Belote began filling the repurposed space with artifacts found around town, online auctions, and from donations made by town locals. He also built models of many historical Harborton buildings and constructed a replica of the Richmond sign for his exhibit.

Visitors are encouraged to check out the gift shop which features a variety of keepsakes for visitors to remember their experience, including embroidered hats, coffee mugs, Christmas tree ornaments, and many more unique souvenirs.

LogoUp.com is proud to showcase Doug Belote of the Harborton History Museum in our customer spotlight. The many museums across the nation that we have the opportunity to do business with means a great deal to us.

Be sure to check out the Harborton History Museum page on Facebook or see Belote’s “Town of Harborton, Va” Facebook page for more information on the bayside town.

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See what customers are saying about LogoUp.com



1) We loved the easy ordering!
2) We loved the communication during the process.
3) Most importantly they made me feel valued as a customer!
4) Loved, loved, loved the follow through. Everyone did what they said they would. (Seems like a no brainer I know but it often doesn’t work like that!)
5) We loved that everyone went out of their way to make sure we received our shirts on time (even though we waited until the last minute to order them!)
6) We loved that the order received a “courtesy rush” so that we would receive them on time…even before we asked for it!
7) We loved the quality and price!!!!! We have ordered more expensive shirts that were of a much lesser quality. And the logo was just perfect!!!
8) And last but certainly not least, we love that we have a new shirt / logo provider!!! And we are sharing our experience with everyone we know!

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Customize your Carhartt apparel

Check out all the Carhartt apparel you can customize at LogoUp.com


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