LogoUp Helps Boy’s Mission to ‘Give the Gift of Hearing’

Pompano Beach, FL (July 25, 2013) – For a 13-year-old boy, Jack McConnell has high hopes. Hearing impaired since birth, Jack today is on a mission to “help the world to hear.”

Believing he was “called to use [his] hearing loss to serve others,” Jack at 11 started the non-profit foundation, 20/20 Hearing. Jack is on a mission to donate hearing aids to some of the 360 million people globally who suffer disabling hearing loss. These people include children who because of their hearing loss rarely receive any schooling, and adults who with unaided hearing loss endure much higher unemployment than those without hearing loss.

Through their fundraising and missions, the foundation has been able to reverse that outcome for hundreds of people over the past year. 20/20 Hearing’s goal is to give away 1,000 hearing aids over the next year.

Jack has seen firsthand the change that a pair of hearing aids can make in a life that has been lived in silence.

“I’ve been blessed to travel all over the world to give the gift of hearing through hearing aids,” he said. “There is nothing like seeing a person’s face light up when their hearing aids are switched on and they can hear for the first time. There are no words to describe it.”


LogoUp learned of Jack’s mission when we received a letter from his mother, Tanya. She wrote that “With the holidays around the corner, there are constant reminders of how much we all have to be thankful for, including our hearing.”

The McConnells’ message was heard loud and clear. LogoUp has donated embroidered hats for the whole 20/20 Hearing team. “We’re helping share their message and will continue to support 20/20 Hearing and spread their word for all the world to hear,” says Scott Roberts, CEO of LogoUp.com.

Financial gifts or donations of used hearing aids can be made or arranged at www.2020hearing.org. All donations are tax deductible.

“It’s a small world,” Jack said, “so let’s all make a big difference!”


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