Customer Spotlight: Harvest Lane Honey

Embroidered Apparel Helps Beekeeper’s Brand Buzz

Mindy Waite had one goal in buying embroidered clothes from LogoUp: She wanted her company, Harvest Lane Honey, to present an appearance as sweet as honey.

As a small businessperson, Waite knows that how a company presents itself to its customers is how it will be perceived. In an industry like beekeeping, where most of the proprietors are hobbyists or small mom-and-pop companies, a polished look could set Harvest Lane Honey apart and support its “golden honey standard.”

Mindy, her husband, and parents started the company in Grantsville, Utah amid the state’s Oquirrh Mountains. Today they sell honey, bees, and high-quality, custom, hand-made woodware hives, and beekeeping products to customers nationwide. As Harvest Lane Honey grew, fellow beekeepers have looked to Harvest Lane for guidance.

“As our business grew we recognized the need for a professional look and feel for our company and our employees,” says Mindy. “We realized that the way we portrayed our company would be how our customers would perceive us. With our products being solely about high quality, we couldn’t risk portraying an incomplete image.”


With the honey-colored image of a hive and even images of bees flying about on high-quality apparel, Harvest Lane now has “the uniform and complete look that we desired and that has allowed us to convey the professionalism that we possess.”

Between the vast selection of apparel, free custom embroidery, and shipping, as well as the freedom to place orders from one to 1,000 pieces, Waite now has diverse apparel for her growing business. She also has a message for other small businesses:

“Don’t wait to brand yourself with logo wear,” she said. “People will judge who you are in the first 10 seconds of meeting you and your appearance accounts for most of that judgment.”

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