Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for your Business

10 Tips to Making Logo Apparel, Marketing & Tech Timeless Resolutions

Whether it’s to quit smoking, lose weight, travel more or otherwise improve their lives, millions of people make personal New Year’s resolutions every year. But resolutions can help improve your career or small business, too. Between creating new logo apparel, using social media, securing your technology and giving back to the community, these 10 tips can be the launch pad for your company’s success in 2015 – and beyond.

1. Create or update uniforms for employees


Logo apparel can be a powerful brand builder and internal team builder. From t-shirts and polo shirts, outerwear and jackets, even hats and sportswear, apparel embroidered with the company name and logo can be a cost-effective way to market your business to outsiders – and build esprit de corps among the staff.

2. Get out and network more


All those holiday cards you sent this season and the outreach you do throughout the year to stay in touch with clients, peers, and prospects are nice gestures. But nothing beats face-to-face meetings and introductions. Resolve to have at least one meal or meeting a week with a client or new business prospect or to attend a local business networking event. Remember to take a handful of business cards and top it off by wearing that new company polo or button down to the meeting.

3. Practice micro-marketing


The littlest details can help spread your brand. Instead of playing a local radio station while callers are on hold, record a greeting with company specials or product ideas. Record an upbeat greeting on your mobile phone voice mail inviting callers to visit your website or Facebook page. Finally, change your smart phone signature that by default reads, “Sent from my iPhone” or other device. On the iPhone, click on Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Signature. Replace what’s there with your name, company, contact info, even your logo. After all, your contact info should be on every email you send.

4. Get more active on social media

A social media logotype

Facebook isn’t just for kids. Social media, like Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook, can be powerful additions to any company’s marketing program. An afternoon spent exploring one these services can help launch a company’s or executive’s presence in the social media sphere and help promote your corporate or personal brand in a compelling way. Don’t know how it’s done? Search YouTube for tutorials (like “How to create a business Facebook page).

5. Create a marketing plan


Rather than a bunch of separate and disparate concepts, wrap the four ideas above together to become an important part of your 2015 marketing plans. You can even tweak or redesign your logo, slogan, or marketing outreach and weave all the elements together into a cohesive bundle that will carry your brand forward.

6. Go paperless


Know that little message in the bottom of emails saying “Consider the environment before printing this email”? That should be a holistic mantra for an entire company. By embracing paperless technology, digital signature capture applications or even invoices or receipts emailed to customers, you can reduce paper waste, improve document archival and tracking, and help the environment. Be sure to set up recycle bins around the office and recycle shredded documents, too. Every little bit helps.

7. Improve your cyber security

Internet Security System

The computer hacking attack purportedly committed because of the movie “The Interview” should be a lesson learned by more than the executives at Sony Entertainment. Is your network secure and your anti-virus software up to date? Are your documents backed up? Do you require staff to frequently change passwords – and not type the new password into the computer or keep the scrap it’s written on in a visible place? Do you even have uninterrupted power supplies on all your servers to ensure data isn’t lost during power outages? IT techs have a saying: “There are two kinds of computer users – those who have been hacked or lost data, and those who will.” Prove them wrong.

8. Clean out the ________


Cut the clutter across the company. Whether it’s the office supply closet, the warehouse, or even your inbox, desk or file cabinets, dedicate a day every six months or so to sift through old supplies, inventory, or files and ditch, donate, or destroy them. Remember to shred any documents with confidential or personally identifiable information.

9. Go green—literally


While you’re cleaning out the office, clean the air, too. Along with changing the air conditioner filters, add a few “natural” air filters to the office. Placing plants around the office add color and life to the workspace and help filter the air. Also, encourage employees to turn off light and computer monitors when leaving rooms to conserve energy.

10. Give back to the community


Philanthropy begins at home – and in the office. Participate in company-wide corporate charity events. Dedicate a percentage of sales to local causes. Give unblemished or gently used inventory to thrift shops or homeless shelters. Remember those in need, especially once the holidays are over.


New Year’s resolutions aren’t just for the New Year. They should be timeless. To paraphrase Aristotle, successful resolutions aren’t an act. They’re a habit.

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