LogoUp’s Commitment to Small Business

It has long been an honor for LogoUp to support the YMCA’s mission. Upon receiving wonderful feedback from Patrick Connelly of the Valley Short YMCA in Westbook, CT we felt we had to share.

Mr. Connelly wrote to us:

“Hey Guys,

I just received my order of polos and of course they look great! But that’s not why I’m writing.

Inside the box was a Fall/Winter 2017 Catalog…and I don’t know who came up with the idea and the design, but it’s brilliant!

I loved the personal story and seeing pictures of real people.

As a small YMCA, we appreciate the importance of community, family and life-work balance. It is wonderful to see another company that shares these values.

In addition, our small YMCA has a small budget…and LogoUp makes it possible for us to look as professional as our large association colleagues without spending a fortune…and we really appreciate that.

Keep up the great work…because small places like us are counting on you!

Best wishes,

PS – I’ve recommended LogoUp a bunch of times. In fact, my friend from Camp Mataucha in Waterbury, CT just got her outerwear and couldn’t stop raving about how great it looked at such a reasonable price. So that made me look pretty smart, too. Which I appreciate. “

Patrick Connelly

Senior Director of Program Advancement

Valley Short YMCA


Patrick, we greatly appreciate your feedback and nothing makes us happier than a customer who is not only satisfied, but is pleased enough with our work to recommend us to others!


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